A 社交媒体营销机构 总部设在俄勒冈州波特兰市.

We’ll help you identify which social channels to use, set up your profiles, create 照片 & 视频Content,管理张贴 & 参与,并跟踪结果. 准备好社交了吗?

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At Sproutbox Media, we underst和 the power of 社交媒体营销 (SMM). 通过社交媒体, we  connect our clients with their desired target audience 和 grow that audience from cold prospects into loyal customers. 你的社会地位如何?

  • 增加接触
  • 更高质量的领导
  • 久经考验的专家团队
  • 高层的战略

For small businesses especially, direct access to your target audience is vital. We highly recommend incorporating 社交媒体 marketing into your 营销计划. This will ensure that you successfully get in front of the people that want or need your products 和 services.



We’re a full-service 社交媒体 marketing agency with expertise in social strategy, Content创作和管理. Whether you need a few social posts or need us to run all of your social networks, 欧博体育首页有专业知识 让你的社交光彩夺目.

  • 发现和市场研究
  • 平台选择、设置和优化
  • 社区管理
  • Content创建和发布
  • 社会欧博最新网址
  • 月度报告

寻找有影响力的营销? 是的,欧博体育首页也有这个问题. Our team will partner with influencers to boost your 品牌’s visibility. 喊欧博体育首页一声!


Does 社交媒体营销 Really Work for Businesses?

What if access to your target audience was readily available for you? What if you could just press a button 和 magically appear in front of someone who is likely to be a potential customer? 社交媒体营销使这成为可能.

  • 77%的美国人拥有社交媒体简介
  • Instagram 拥有10亿月活跃用户
  • 脸谱网 月活跃用户超过20亿

不管你的生意是B2B还是B2C, 你的听众可能在网上的某个地方, 浏览他们的社交媒体动态. You have the opportunity to reach them through 社交媒体营销 (SMM). Social platforms are collecting powerful insights from simple demographics, 更有针对性的数据,如兴趣或工作职能. We utilize this powerful collection of data to cater our 欧博最新网址文案 和 creatives in a way that resonates with your desired target audiences. 


What Makes a Successful 社交媒体营销 策略?


为了达到新的前景,欧博体育首页实施 社交媒体欧博最新网址 影响者营销(付费媒体). Within social ads, there are three key components that will determine the success of your strategy. 观众建筑 & 目标定位、文案(字幕)和创意(video, 照片等).


To capture 和 nourish new leads 和 potential customers, we utilize Content营销. The goal of Content营销 is to develop new 和 existing relationships. Within Content营销, we use different types of media including 照片, video, 博客文章 和更多的.


欧博体育首页还实施有机的社交媒体策略. These strategies include proactive 和 reactive 订婚 with 社交媒体 users, 标签研究与实施, administering a steady stream of consistent Content. All of these tactics promote 品牌 awareness 和 订婚 with your followers.

What Makes a Successful 社交媒体营销 策略?

We partnered with 格子储藏室 to help them revitalize their 品牌,提高新产品的认知度,并帮助驱动他们 数字营销 努力.


爱CBD approached us with an objective to build a luxury ho列表ic health 和 wellness 品牌, a robust 社交媒体 presence with an engaged community of like-minded users.


航空解决方案 needed a marketing partner to help them with their 社交媒体 marketing, Content营销, 视频营销 持续的努力.


Once we have determined we are a good fit for each other, 欧博体育首页坐下来进行了一次广泛的探索会议. 这是欧博体育首页定义您的欧博体育首页目标的地方. 欧博体育首页还将确定创作方向, 消息传递, what services you will need in order to perform optimally. 


Next we’ll perform extensive audience research to make sure we are reaching the people most likely to want or need your product or service. 然后欧博体育首页决定应该使用哪些平台, which aspects of 社交媒体 marketing will be most effective.


After we have a strategy, we’ll develop assets for organic 和 支付社会媒体 Content. 欧博体育首页把 照片,捕捉 视频,并编写基于关键词的 博客文章. Depending on budget, we can either h和le this in-house or work with your team to deliver results.


现在该执行了. 欧博体育首页管理所有的活动,包括张贴, 订婚, 欧博最新网址建设, 欧博最新网址管理, 再营销(与受众建设一起), 和欧博最新网址交付. 


 Once your campaigns are live, we send scheduled recurring reports to our clients. These reports include key success metrics 和 any adjustments we think are needed. 


Finally, we schedule recurring meetings with our clients to adjust strategy 和 implementation. This is where we can make decisions based on the data we have gathered to adjust strategy if needed in order to improve results.

“The entire Sproutbox team has done an outst和ing job helping 格子储藏室 better focus 和 improve our 品牌社交媒体. I highly recommend any company 和 especially any Portl和 company to reach out to them!”


“喜欢和Sproutbox一起工作! 彼得用了一些神奇的 产品图片 for our 社交媒体 Content 和 is very passionate about helping businesses to grow.”


“欧博体育首页与Sproutbox合作的经验非常丰富. 和他们一起工作和交流都很容易. We’ve especially loved the 社交媒体 work they’ve produced for us. 喜欢和他们一起工作.”


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