社交媒体营销 has quickly become one of the most essential forms of promoting your small or large business. 平台等 Instagram脸谱网 已经成为各种产品和欧博体育首页的顶级欧博最新网址工具,但在数字营销方面,其他一些平台突然占据了独特的市场.


和许多其他平台一样, LinkedIn allows users to share unique 和 creative Content related to both their personal 和 professional life. So what makes LinkedIn st和 out as a social tool for businesses?

LinkedIn 已经成为一个伟大的平台,而不仅仅是营销你的欧博体育首页,因为你可以利用这个平台产生潜在的线索, allow them to get to know you through a completely customized business 配置文件, 和 encourage them to become customers in a more cost-efficient way.


Throughout the last 15 years, LinkedIn has become one of the leading 社交网络 sites in the professional world with an upward of 740 million active users. 而不是在你的资料里加朋友, 类似于其他社交网络平台, LinkedIn allows you to add “connections” to your business network. 在这个平台上, 你的“个人简历”变成与职业相关的信息,你分享的Content更多地是围绕你的职业生活,而不是个人趣闻.

A lot happens on this platform including businesses posting updates, 推销新产品或欧博体育首页的推销员, 寻找新工作的个人, 和 a magnitude of individuals connecting 和 building relationships with one another. It is now common for employment sites to be compatible with LinkedIn 配置文件s as well, 这意味着申请工作就像把你的简历上传到你的个人资料中,并把它与任何工作申请链接起来一样简单吗.


Our social media 和 advertising team will help you build your 配置文件, 让你的听众, 在LinkedIn上增加你的影响力.

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有这么多不同的社交媒体平台, many businesses often struggle to determine the unique benefits of each. Although LinkedIn could be considered comparable to other 社交网络 sites such as 脸谱网, this platform better allows business professionals to deliver personalized Content 和 experiences at scale. 此外,LinkedIn有助于发展 品牌知名度 以一种低成本的方式,使用许多特定的目标工具,将你的Content放在你所在行业的眼前. 更不用说,它消除了一些时间和间接成本与其他形式的潜在媒体营销.


开始连接 & 然后和你的听众建立关系. 这就是……

  1. 与更新保持一致
  2. 始终努力向你的观众传递价值
  3. 表面上与你的听众互动
  4. 利用LinkedIn的付费帖子来提升Content
  5. 鼓励员工参与


Striving for consistency in all aspects of your business allows you to establish awareness, 建立信任, 和 deliver your product or service efficiently 和 profitably. The same goes for success on social media as maintaining a consistent stream of valuable Content 得到社交媒体算法的奖励, therefore allowing more users to see your Content when searching.


The timing of posts also matters but often, success varies based on your industry. Every audience ranges when it comes to when 和 how they consume Content. 你的听众可能更倾向于在早上查看他们的LinkedIn,或者他们可能会在营业时间后参与,这就是为什么了解你的目标听众何时在线是至关重要的. 这是利用 LinkedIn的分析 to review click-through 和 engagement rates after experimenting with different posting times. By analyzing your results for various times of day, you will easily be able to see which posting time better helps you achieve your engagement goals.

Keep in mind that updates don’t always have to be long. 事实上, 有时候,只要更新Content与你的品牌和受众相关,保持更新简短可能会更有好处. 切换Content是另一种让用户沉浸于各种Content的好方法,这就是为什么你应该考虑让你的更新不只是文本. 例如, including a link to video resources that your audience might be interested in or 添加一个图片 更新你的Content是一个很好的方法,以确保你的Content是人们会考虑与他们的个人网络分享的Content.


As hard as it is to avoid preaching the benefits of your product or service to your audience, this type of approach typically does not perform well on LinkedIn. 什么造就一个质量,有效的岗位是一个 LinkedIn的欧博最新网址 这不会立刻让人感觉像是欧博最新网址. Especially in a world where consumers are exposed to over 6,每天有000种欧博最新网址, many individuals often stray away from any form of “sales-y” Content. So, how can you successfully promote your business without bombarding clients with pushy, sales-yContent? 答案很简单. 交付价值.


Take the time to learn about your followers to uncover the reasons why they come to LinkedIn. 他们是否在寻求其他专业人士的建议? Are they looking to make connections within a certain industry? Do they want to know about any new products or services that could benefit them? 了解你的目标受众的目标, you are better able to utilize the right headlines, 图像或 视频 that can grab their attention while also delivering value.

The mindset when creating Content should always remain on what you can do for your followers. 帮助找到正确的平衡, a good rule of thumb is sticking to the “4-1-1 rule” when it comes to posting Content. 这一规则有助于保持你的feed以受众需求为中心,1篇文章推广你的产品或欧博体育首页,而4篇文章是你的观众会觉得有价值的相关Content.


LinkedIn is one of the last social platforms that rewards organic engagement for 品牌s. 例如, 当你评论别人的帖子时, your network 和 that person’s network see the interaction. 同样地, 回复欧博最新网址你自己帖子的评论也可以让你的品牌名称以及你的个人资料出现在另一个人的时间轴上,从而增加你帖子的潜在流量, 配置文件, 或欧博体育首页.


那么这对你的组织意味着什么呢? 你的员工和你的人际关系对你个人资料和公司页面的成功和发展有着重要的影响. 向你的听众提问,并回应他们的评论,进行双向对话,让你的品牌显得有风度和专注.

Hashtags are another way to increase the potential of your 配置文件 appearing in LinkedIn search results. 使用聪明但相关的标签是一个很好的策略,它可以帮助用户找到感兴趣的话题和Content,但更重要的是, allows your business to be discovered by interested consumers a bit easier.


In order to underst和 the behind-the-scenes process of LinkedIn的欧博最新网址vertising, 您必须首先学习这个平台的基础知识 基于目标的欧博最新网址. LinkedIn帮助他们的欧博最新网址主根据营销漏斗的目标阶段,围绕特定的商业目标建立欧博最新网址活动, 从意识到转化.


幸运的是, LinkedIn最方便的功能之一是他们的“活动经理”工具,它允许个人和企业设定预算, 选择特定的目标, 控制他们的竞选时间表. 这个工具提供活动参数,如点击, 喜欢, 股票, 以及对任何单个帖子的评论,以及根据点击欧博最新网址的用户统计数据的细分.

什么时候开始你的活动, you must first determine your objective whether it be increasing 品牌知名度, 考虑, 或转换. 基于这个目标, 然后你需要确定你的目标标准是什么,以缩小你的欧博最新网址焦点,触及行业的正确受众.

Another benefit of LinkedIn is the choice between 4 different advertisement formats for your campaign:

  1. 赞助Content: 利用第一方的数据,通过原生欧博最新网址接触到高参与度的受众,从而产生潜在客户并提高品牌知名度
  2. 消息欧博最新网址: utilizes the messaging tool to send direct messages to potential customers in an attempt to drive engagement
  3. 动态欧博最新网址: 从公司名称和职位等个人资料数据中提取信息,为每个目标受众创建个性化的欧博最新网址
  4. 文字欧博最新网址: 一种按点击量付费的快速欧博最新网址形式,你自己策划的Content是针对你的目标专业受众量身定制的

跟随您所选择的启动 LinkedIn的欧博最新网址宣传活动, it is crucial to then measure your results 和 consistently optimize your Content to reach peak ad performance.

在开发和管理你自己的LinkedInContent和/或欧博最新网址活动的过程中,经常有许多移动的部分,通常很难引导优化过程来提高你的结果. Because of the expansive targeting methods 和 options provided by LinkedIn的欧博最新网址vertising, we advise businesses serious about gaining qualified leads to partner with a digital marketing agency (like us).


在一天结束的时候, you can always utilize your team to further amplify the potential reach of your business’s 配置文件. 通常, 你的员工有10倍于你的公司档案的欧博体育首页数量,这允许更高的可见率. 员工分享, 对公司更新的赞和评论为商业帖子提供了一个巨大的机会,可以获得新的目光,增加目标客户的参与度.


让它更进一步, 通过优化他们的个人资料来利用你的团队也是一个很好的方法,可以将真实的个人与你的品牌欧博体育首页起来,让你的公司在LinkedIn的搜索结果中更显眼, 甚至在 有机谷歌搜索结果. Simple tactics to carry out here include using professional 和 uniform 大头照 以及每个队员的头部. 在线的第一印象是决定潜在客户是否对你所提供的产品感兴趣的决定性因素. 这不仅展示了你的专业精神,也为你的同事留下了良好的第一印象 品牌,以及整个公司.


和其他许多人一样 社交媒体平台, there is no one way to master the use of LinkedIn for your business. 有无数的风格和策略,专业人士可以利用和发现巨大的成功,以达到他们的目标受众, 产生线索和增加流量. 可以说, 这些策略中最重要的方面是保持对你的欧博体育首页和你希望向潜在客户描绘的品牌的真实.